Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bookworm Wedding, Part 1: Library Themed!

You knew this was coming! Feast your eyes on the bookish beauty of all things library!

Here are just a few sensationally beautiful and historic library settings!

The Karples Manuscript Library on Elmwood & North in Downtown Buffalo! If we weren't getting married in a church, this would be my dream come true!Breathtaking!

The ultimate in library wedding settings! The New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue!

This library is in Brooklyn, and I'm in love!

Love the rich color schemes! Oak-paneled libraries remind me of 19th Century men's clubs. Bring on the brandy snifters!

So wonderful!

Dorky love!

Bouquet with roses made with antique book pages!

Such great invitations! Wonder how much the postage cost!

Even better! Old library due-date invitations!

Mmmm... book cake!

A vintage library wedding just wouldn't be complete without a card catalog! Here are some genius ideas for incorporating these hard-to-find gems into reception decor!

I want one so badly!

I love using antiques as unexpected flower arrangement vessels!

Adorable bookplate escort cards!

Such fun table cards!

Even I'm not this crafty!

Books as character-adding centerpieces! This is the new mason jar!

Loving the globe and the owls! Very sweet hipster!

Cardigan and lacy turtlenecks, messy buns and bangs! Library-chic essentials!

...your library wedding!

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