Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bookworm Wedding 2: A Jane Austen Affair!

I know we are all craving Springtime at this point, and nothing makes the flowers bloom and the sun come out like a Jane Austen affair!

Anyone who knows me also knows of my love of all things Jane Austen and Regency England! It's why I chose an empire-waisted wedding dress, and it's also why my life stops come Masterpiece Theater time!

While there are quite a few lovely and utterly romantic Austen-era details featured in this post, I must also confess that I'm using this topic as a personal excuse to showcase one of my all-time favorite bridal designers: Claire Pettibone!
Died and gone to heaven!

There are two Claire Pettibone dresses which particularly embody Regency-era fashion.

The Queen Anne's Lace dress:
And the Emma dress:
Pure bliss!

Other Pettibone beauties of Regency note:

The Akoya dress:

The Cloisonne dress:

And the Kristenne dress:

The following pictures are from a divinely styled photo shoot, also featuring a Claire Pettibone bridal gown:

Such beautiful bouquets!

Jane Austen always reminds me of wildflowers, like lavender!
So Marianne Dashwood!

Could there be a more perfect Austen bridesmaid?

Remember your reticule...

...and your gloves and parasol!

A bonnet?

I think for the modern take on Jane Austen, we should skip the bonnet and go for a hair embellishment instead. Flowers, ribbon, berries, all dainty and sweet!

An Austen wedding reception must be an outdoor affair, preferably in an old country estate with a rose garden and a hedge maze!
Break out the tea and English china!

Now would you opt for a modern wedding cake with vintage details...

...or a cake like Mr. and Mrs. Weston had in Emma?

Jane Austen would adore these invitations, even if they are not hand-written by the hostess! And the escort cards remind me of calling cards, announcing each guest's entrance!

I love a modern interpretation on an Austen theme!

Can't resist! Here are my favorite Austen actresses!

Looks like they approve! Time to throw coins!

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