Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bookworm Wedding 4: More Library Invitations!

I think we all know by now that I spend WAY too much time on Etsy.com! Here are just a few of the most choice library- and book-themed invitation suites available!

Vintage bookplate invitation!Look closely, there are vintage children's book characters! Can't help but be charmed!
Seriously! SO GOOD!
Love the due-date card! You will see this incorporated somehow into my wedding
(I'm not telling!)A bookmark! Brilliant!
Could a librarian bride ask for anything more perfect than this invitation suite? This one certainly can't!
A crazy elegant ticket-themed invitation suite!
(Okay, it's not library themed, but I love it anyway!)
Composition notebook-themed invitation suite!An Alice in Wonderland-themed bridal shower! I think I've been to one of those before...Vintage book pages made into a wreath!
& a vintage book paper heart garland!
♥ Heartstrings! ♥

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